SEP Group (Korea) wants to invest in a carbon-neutral industrial complex in Binh Duong

(BDO) On the morning of March 9, Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Standing Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee had a meeting and worked with Mr. Hyun Dong-Hoon, Professor of the University of Technology Korea, Chairman of SEP Group and the delegation came to learn, discuss and promote investment in the province.


At the meeting, Mr. Hyun Dong-Hoon said that Korea University of Technology is located in industrial zones and clusters in Korea with nearly 20,000 businesses. The school was established by the Korean Ministry of Industry and Trade, has a Carbon Neutral Department and is the first Korean university to have this department. Currently, large corporations such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai... are all focusing on converting to carbon neutral production. Based on the carbon neutral model being piloted by the Banwol-Sihwa industrial complexes in Korea, SEP Group wants to invest more than 200 million US dollars to establish a carbon neutral industrial complex specializing in Vietnam's first shoe industry and carbon reduction infrastructure on an area of 180 hectares, in Tam Lap 2 industrial cluster, Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province.

On behalf of provincial leaders, Mr. Mai Hung Dung welcomed the Group's project investment. Binh Duong always prioritizes high-tech, advanced, environmentally friendly, less labor intensive projects, creating high added value, meeting development requirements in the direction of civilization, modernity and sustainability. solid. Therefore, the Group's project implementation proposal is in line with the province's development orientation. Mr. Mai Hung Dung suggested that provincial departments and agencies guide and create all conditions for investment procedures so that SEP Group can soon deploy the project.
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