Praising the beauty of women has become a cultural beauty of many countries, including Vietnam. Women are always cherished because of their hard work and sacrifices for the family.

On the occasion of March 8, Gia Dinh Group would like to respectfully send best wishes to the company's women. They are those who typically represent the image of modern women in the 21st century: successful, capable, confident, and beautiful.

The General Director gave flowers to Gia Dinh Group's sisters

Sisters of Gia Dinh Group dressed in Ba Ba shirts

The women of Gia Dinh Group have affirmed their roles and talents in their life. Not only taking care of the family but also participating in all jobs and economic fields, being an important factor contributing to the development of the society. In order to achieve the success like today, everyone will have to go through difficulties, but a beautiful and successful woman is the one who knows how to "keep the fire" going for her family and life.

On the occasion of celebrating International Women's Day on March 8, Gia Dinh Group wants to send its warmest wishes to all women in the company to always be successful in their work and fulfilled in life. The beautiful women of Gia Dinh Group deserve to be honored just as Uncle Ho said: "Good at country work - Good at housework".



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